The Gods, Religion and Faith

On the matters regarding regional religion, there are differences and belief systems in operation, with the Kingdom of Segarra following a set pantheon of gods, the Clanfolk following their Druidic Faith (known as the First Ways of the Land) and non human deities having their own religions (though non humans living amongst humans are just as likely to have adopted the local worship over time).

The 4 main Gods of Segarra are all siblings, with 3 each having married a mortal, to better understand their worshippers. Each of the 3 once mortal partners are now demigods who are not worshipped as much as revered, each bearing the title of Saint.

The Religion of Segarra is a unified pantheon, with the ruler of the Gods being Adureon, a strict but fair Thunder deity who embodies right rulership, martial prowess, the power of Storms and the defence of the weak. His Domains are War and Tempest, and his wife is Saint Alethra, the woman who taught him how to protect the weak and use Law and Discipline to achieve this. Adureon and Alethra are Lawful good.

His sister Mavarria is the Goddess of Light, Healing and the warmth of her beacon the Sun. Her Domains are Light and Life, and her husband is Saint Diero who taught her moderation in fire and heat. Both are Neutral Good.

The Goddess Bellettar is the patron of Knowledge, Learning and also Mysteries. Her domains are Knowledge and Trickery, and her husband is Saint Lander, who taught her to allow people the chance to learn from her and the world. Both are Chaotic Good.

The last god is Amallus, the Lord of Nature and a friend to the Old Spirits and the various gods of the woodlands. He married an Elven woman legend has it, and through her became a bridge between the human gods and the Older Ways. His Domain is Nature (only one) but he numbers Druids amongst his followers. His wife Andraste is regarded as a Full God to the Elves and her sphere is protection of nature.

The Clanfolk of the Ternomanii worship the First Ways of the Land, a Druidic Faith that is cordial with Amallus and the Elven Deities. Their ways are mysterious and not a subject for discussion with most outsiders. If a Clanfolk discusses religion with non Clanfolk, this shows a great degree of friendship and intimacy.

The Gods, Religion and Faith

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