The Township of Windward

This township set in the Lording of Fivewoods is set in the North East of Segarra, right on the border of the Kingdom. If one were to head into the wooded hills to the north you’d leave civilization and chance into the Great Northern Vast, populated by monsters, goblins and the Hill Clans (the latter are friendly enough to the folk of the kingdom since they share an antipathy with the goblin tribes and assorted threats).

The “Town” of Windward is actually a village, with about 500 people living within the village itself and a number of farms and freeholdings scattered an a loose radius. The village sits at the end of the Windward road that runs through the Lording of Fivewoods, but there are also 2 small rivers that meet here, the Upper Rush and the Lower Rush that combine into the Greater Rush River as it begins its long flow south past a number of villages and thorpes towards the Town of Fivewoods (the province capital and seat of House Rathbone who rule the Lording).

Locally the governing of the Township rests in the hands of Sir Bael Wethering. The Wetherings have held the Manoring of Windward as long as anyones long dead ancestors can recall, and Sir Bael is a decent man though some might note the brains of the family lie within his wife Dame Taera (herself a Knight). They are both in their 30’s, and they have 4 children with ages from 5 at the youngest up to the twins in their teens. A small council of leading farmers, tradesmen, local religious figures and the local Wizard Merroes also convenes from time to time, with either Sir Bael (unlikely), Dame Taera (more likely) or their Chamberlain, the elderly Knight Sir Boaderrin most likely) chairing the meeting to discuss matters affecting the Township.

The Village is self sufficient regarding food, with a mix of arable and pastoral farming, though items like glass, cloth other than wool and other such luxuries having to be imported and traded for. Trade with the Hill Clans to the north is frequent and it is not too unusual for clanfolk to be in town on trade matters or just visiting friends.

There are a few tradesfolk in town, with a blacksmith/armourer, tanner/leatherworker, a general goods store, 2 Inns (The Silver Stag and The Old Oak), a bakers, a miller and lastly a combined timbermerchant/carpenter.

There are 2 magic associated areas in town, with the Wizard Merroes being one in his dilapidated tower on the outskirts of the village and also the Temple to the Gods the other. The current incumbent is Father Tambrick, a Priest of Amallus (the Nature God, loosely tied to the Natural Spirits of the Druids).

The land itself is settled farmland to the west, east and south with areas of woodland and forest here and there. A single hill of about 600 feet above sea level dominates the eastern part of the Township in an otherwise flat area, though to the north of the village the township becomes hillier with more forest at the beginnings of the Great Northern Vast.

The Township of Windward

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