“Without a sign, his sword the brave man draws, and asks no omen, but his country’s cause. ” – Homer, The Iliad.

Situated along the westerly edge of the continent Avarrin lies a kingdom, named Segarra; it is small compared to some, with little to commend it though the farmland that patches and crisscrosses it makes famine a rarity. Its capital of Verlainn sits on the river Arden, and here the current Agarvine dynasty’s current ruler King Carolus the 2nd and his wife Queen Ana hold court, in a land left largely to its own devices for time out of mind.

It is not this city that holds our interest, but more the small Lording of Fivewoods, located on the north easterly border of the kingdom; indeed, so far out of the way is this Lording that many have forgotten it exists, and so it has carried on for a long time, with merely the occasional flare up from the inhospitable forests and hills to the north, home to goblins and other such fare along with the mostly good willed Hill Clans of the Cernomanii peoples.

Looking at the Lording further, we see the Township of Windward, the seat of the Knightly family Wethering. It is in this small manoring and its dotted farms and thorpes that our adventure begins, with the arrival of a mysterious grizzled warrior and the effect he has upon a small and disparate band of would be young heroes and the land they call home…

"...But his country's cause"